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New Patient Appointment

During a new patient appointment, the doctor check to see if your child have any cavities, see how your child’s growth and developmental is progressing, discuss healthy eating habits to prevent decay.



Periodic Exam

We check for decay, growth and development of the teeth and jaws and make sure any fillings your child has are still intact. It is best to catch any problems early while they are still small and less extensive to fix.




This procedure removes plaque from the teeth that can cause cavities and gum infections. We also educate you and your child about healthy habits that will help him/her keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.



BWX (Bitewings)

These films let the doctor see decay in between the teeth while it is still small. If we didn’t take these films the cavities would be very large by the time we could see the decay just by looking in the mouth.



Stainless Steel Crowns

If a lot of tooth structure is destroyed by decay, this would be the only way to save the tooth and hold on to it until your child is 12-13 years old. This tooth is needed to hold the space in the mouth for the permanent tooth to come into. If this tooth is lost you can create unnecessary orthodontic problems.



Space Maintainers

These hold the space open for the permanent tooth to erupt into and assist in minimizing orthodontic needs in the future.




This protective layer fills in the pits and grooves of the tooth where the tooth brush cannot reach and bacteria can start cavities.




When an abscess/infection has destroyed the support for the tooth and the tooth cannot be saved, it is necessary to remove the tooth. Pain or sickness can result if the tooth is not removed.



Treatment at the Hospital or Sedation in the Office

A safer option for children that are uncooperative or apprehensive about treatment.




A less expensive and less extensive option for fixing the tooth while the decay is small. Fillings are usually similar to the the color of the existing tooth.



Fluoride Treatment

This treatment is done with a more concentrated form of Fluoride and will re-mineralize areas that are the beginnings of decay. Fluoride will bind the tooth structure and make it more resistant to decay.




This removes the infection inside the tooth caused by the decay growing into the nerve. This saves the tooth and holds the space for the permanent tooth.

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